New home, Renewed Love and Relationship


We were economically stagnant and we owned nothing. Although we’ve had our own business for 4 years and we made good sales, it was not being profitable, and we already had a baby. I read Aileen’s column in Natural Awakenings magazine and decided to call her.

After Feng Shui:

After Aileen’s consultation we started to make all the changes she recommended and suddenly everything started to change! We could save money, buy the land we wanted, build our home and then expand it. We were also able to save an emergency fund since we depended entirely on our business. Our marriage has significantly improved, we now have good communication and don’t fight as we used to. We’re together, happy, very much in love and we now have two babies. We live more relaxed, happy and healthy. We are so happy! I am so thankful for Aileen.

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