Living Feng Shui

I feel a very special joy, it’s an excitement and new energy that commences as soon as I start on my tasks to change my home to what was recommended by Aileen Soo, according to the study and analysis prepared for me. Although I was happy as I sensed I was, there was still a missing link of an experienced hand to place the portraits and other furniture in the existing spaces to achieve the perfect balance.

I had met Aileen Soo in the first Quality of Life Expo held at the Caribe Hilton Hotel where we were both exhibiting. I was shocked cause Aileen emanated much peace, harmony and was very focused and understanding. From her gestures and voice, I knew that she was someone very special. Relying on her knowledge of Feng Shui and that she lives up to this ancient science, I entrusted myself to her to study my house.

Reading her report more than convinced me that the knowledge Aileen knows goes beyond from what the books can teach you, and personally I have read many books on Feng Shui and could not have achieved the wonderful change in my property without the assistance of Aileen. She came to my house and with her instrument (Luopan), began to take note of every corner, areas and objects in and out of the house and also the garden. I immediately wanted to know what I had to do but still had to wait for her to prepare her analysis.

To have faith in to what I’m doing, I took every one of her recommendations very seriously. Immediately I began to implement Feng Shui in the areas – to change colors and to move objects and furniture from one place to another. The changes make me laugh all the time; it’s so wonderful what I feel that I asked Aileen if she would allow me to write about my experience for you the reader.

I have to admit that reading many books on Feng Shui and taking short courses does not prepare you enough to receive these really wonderful changes. With her counseling, according to Feng Shui I’ve finally been able to organize what wasn’t previously organizable, and now I even have room to spare.

If you want to improve your life, your house and are looking to live in harmony, take the opportunity to experiment with Feng Shui.

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