Feng Shui for the Home

Predicament: Since we bought the land to build our house, things began to go wrong. First, it took us to build from March 22nd until November 28th. During the process we began to lose money as a result from problems with the soil. The house never had water and it took 2 ½ years to correct the problem. We argued constantly in the kitchen and we felt an extreme negative energy inside the house. We had lost the desire to do any activities and such.

After Feng Shui: After Aileen visited us, everything began to change. I couldn’t conceive dreams and then after Aileen’s analysis, I lost my trouble sleeping. I took out all family photos and photos of water from the bedroom. Our friends have told us they feel great positive energy at our home. We feel good, happy and have begun to generate income. We strongly believe that when we complete the entire implementation of Feng Shui, it will improve the energy and its flow onto a very positive direction.

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