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Real life success stories thanks to Aileen Soo’s expert recommendations:

Predicament: We were economically stagnant and we owned nothing. Although we’ve had our own business for 4 years and we made good sales, it was not being profitable, and we already had a baby. I read Aileen’s column in Natural Awakenings magazine and decided to call her.

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Predicament: I needed a salary increase

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Predicament: I reached out for Aileen during one of my life’s most difficult moments. After going through a terrible divorce I moved with my son to a small apartment. He was only 24 years old and was very depressed and sad. His job was not producing money, and my savings were almost gone due to the divorce. I even had a fish tank, and all the fish were dying.

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Predicament: My business sales were going down and the project I’d been working on for the past 6 years was going nowhere.

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Predicament: My husband and I never had time to share and spend time together and I didn’t want to work with him anymore. I didn’t like sharing with him my feelings or to talk to him about this. My marriage was going down the drain, and I felt that I didn’t love him. There were so many bad things going on in our relationship.

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Predicament: My four-year-old son couldn’t sleep due to his chronic asthma. He was very weak and sad continually because of the continuous treatments and medicines he had to take.

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Predicament: My business was going down the drain.

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Predicament: I had been trying to sell my apartment unsuccessfully for 1 year. I was paying 2 mortgages; 1 for my new house and 1 for the apartment on sale. This was very tough for my husband and me.

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Predicament: I had some very difficult situations in my work, which affected my marriage, my relationship with my children and family. I was in shambles, and my health was affected. I was very distressed.

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Predicament: In my home there wasn’t harmony. Economically we were stuck. We had 2 apartments and it was very difficult to rent. I was very tired, without energy and fragile health.

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Predicament: We had no harmony in the home, we were very uneasy, there was no peace nor tranquility, money was scarce, we were bad economically.

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Predicament: Since we bought the land to build our house, things began to go wrong. First, it took us to build from March 22nd until November 28th. During the process we began to lose money as a result from problems with the soil. The house never had water and it took 2 ½ years to correct the problem. We argued constantly in the kitchen and we felt an extreme negative energy inside the house. We had lost the desire to do any activities and such.

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I feel a very special joy, it’s an excitement and new energy that commences as soon as I start on my tasks to change my home to what was recommended by Aileen Soo, according to the study and analysis prepared for me. Although I was happy as I sensed I was, there was still a missing link of an experienced hand to place the portraits and other furniture in the existing spaces to achieve the perfect balance.

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More Feng Shui Success Stories:


“It was a safe and positive experience. By implementing the changes pertaining with Aileen Soo’s visit that same afternoon, I got what I wanted. “


“Having redesigned and changed immediately the ” family room “, managed to reunite the family that was detached. We are very happy now! “.


“After completing the consultation with Aileen, I implemented all the changes, especially the movement of photographs and paintings that was in the bathroom to the recreation area. After a week, I received the good news of an ascent in the workplace, in the executive branch with a better pay, privileges and conditions. Indeed, Aileen’s motion of objects as she advised, attracted those good news and opportunities for my job. “


Predicament: My dining room was painted in color that was not suited and in poor health.

After Feng Shui: I painted my dinning room’s walls white, and then my health improved. I feel stronger and healthier!


Predicament: We’ve noticed that our projects and jobs were stagnant and slow. We also needed to feel more in control and organized. In terms of health, for many months we were feeling very bad.

After Feng Shui: As soon as the changes began, we noticed that our plans began to move more frequently. Our health has improved greatly and we feel more at ease at home. We are still implementing changes, and every time we complete one or make new arrangements on the house, good things happen.


Predicament: Chronic and recurrent diseases. I took many medications. I had serious financial problems because I lost my job. I found it very difficult to get one. Family disputes with major disagreements, arguments and fights. In general, everything became more difficult.

After Feng Shui: After Aileen‘s consultation, I got a job in a month. Revenues began to generate incrementally and so my financial situation improved. There was more harmony at the home. I started having family parties and to get along better with family members. Generally, many new and good things happened, both with opportunities in Puerto Rico and the U.S.. My emotional health is renewed, I don’t feel sick anymore and started exercising. The Feng Shui brought good energy, a new life and progress!


Situation: I was just generating $200 per day in sales; at the store only 10 people came daily. Customers bought less than before and started arguing that prices were expensive and so they left angry.

After Feng Shui: As soon as we made the changes, the movement of people in the store started to grow, sales began to increase and the customers started visiting more often and several times a week. Each day we started to generate $1,000. Now, customers come to the store and feel happier, they’ve stopped arguing because of the prices, and buy without any problems.


In a doctor’s appointment, my sister learned that a friend of my father’s had an appointment with Aileen Soo’s Feng Shui, and this changed his life radically, because he had almost went bankrupt, and after a consultation with Aileen, she began to have more success and economic solvency.

My sister decided to have her first consult, since the economic misfortune arrived home. That day I met Aileen, she’s “like a person of a fable”, it didn’t seem real meeting people like that these days. Such a sweet and charming woman, I was fascinated with her and made another appointment for my parents.

Aileen gave them very good advice to my sister and her husband. Money began to flow better for them, because he had lost most of their income and weren’t recuperating it back. Then my sister’s husband got a better job, where he was happier, comfortable, so their economic situation has begun to improve. The health of my niece has also improved.

This year, the family business set had a series of events, where some people left, but others willingly came for our benefit. This year’s school enrolment increased and the people who came, are people committed to their job. This year we found the place of our dreams and decided to move the business there, with the support of all those registered. My husband and I are more relaxed than ever and our relationship has strengthened and we have fewer disputes.

The relationship between my daughter and I improved from 1% to a 100%. My health has changed so much, thank God, I no longer suffer almost anything. In fact, we found our dream house and we’re moving soon. My father started his retirement as planned. His health and my mother’s health, both have improved. Today they’re moving to a new house and are very happy. We are very united as a family and every day we see our dreams coming true effortlessly without effort but with synchronicity. We appreciate the assistance of Aileen and the universe’s, for so many blessings.


“In 2007 we had a small school in Guaynabo. On 2008 with the advice of Feng Shui, we moved and the enrolment increased to 130 students. Parents and students are very happy with the changes in the educational process. Children do an excellent job; they are happy and academically are superbly prepared. Now we have middle school with 7th and 8th grade, and in 2010 we will start the 9th grade. The owners feel comfortable and at ease with their retirement. My sister, my husband and I manage the school in a harmonious and happier way. We are a family with a healthy and prosperous business. “


Predicament: Lots of disorganization, I had no interest in going out to sell or work, I didn’t like the work environment, I didn’t like being in my office, I could not take the commitment of my work team, the people I worked with were very negative and draining my energy, my parents didn’t support me as I needed, so I was always with no money, customers didn’t call me and new businesses were hard to conclude.

After Feng Shui: The negative people left, I started visiting new customers, I had many opportunities at work, my home’s environment was more harmonious, my parents and sister started to helping me more, my team pledged to work harder. Now, I love working from the office. Soon we’ll be moving the office outside of the house. Customers have accepted my services and I have generated new customers, customers who once told me they wouldn’t negotiate with me, now are our customers.


Predicament: Money didn’t come in, and every time it did arrive we always had to use it in order to meet some concerns and commitments of the office. Customer orders were very slow and my work team was discouraged.

After Feng Shui: Money began to flow, and for the first time we received a check for $69,000. Customers have continued to pay the debts, and our sales have increased. The work team has begun to work together and share a lot better. Orders now flow consistently and at will, and contributions of services flow and flow without stopping.


Predicament: We used to receive some contracts in the office. The money has been flowing as fast as expected. My office was stagnant. Old customers in time had become very difficult to negotiate with. Getting new contracts was almost impossible. One of our largest contracts was cancelled suddenly and without a just cause. The envisioned future for us wasn’t that good.

After Feng Shui: We changed the office design in accordance with Aileen’s recommendations. As soon as customers enter the office, they recognize that I am the boss. The contract that was cancelled, came back to us again with better opportunities, business relationships and friendships. We have received some offers to expand in the near future, we’ve waited so long for that to happen. Now, all our customers are good traders.


Situation: I did not feel comfortable in my office space, especially on my desk. My computer was located in a position where I felt that I couldn’t work at all. All my work seemed to be very intense, the overall work environment was tense, backstabbing and gossip surrounded the space.

After Feng Shui: After consultation with Aileen, I moved my desk to my best direction, the computer onto its best position and suddenly everything started to become much easier. I’ve started to complete my work faster and better. I placed plants in the appropriate places and water sources for professional and economic progress. I’ve put 2 water fountains, one on each side to increase positive energy. By doing so, I have received more funding for the university and have generated $ 100,000 in aid. Aileen also told me where to sit in my meetings and where others should sit at the table. And ever since, our meetings have been very productive and successful.

On my desk there’s a small figure of a rooster to stop the gossip and backstabbing, and so far everything has been very good. My colleagues are much happier and the work environment has improved significantly. I am very happy and grateful of Aileen for their recommendations and help of Feng Shui. She is really a true “master” in her art. Now, I am implementing Feng Shui in my house and I can’t wait to achieve and complete all the changes she recommended. I know that the result will be as great as the one at work. Aileen, thank you very much.


Predicament: We were stuck and everything we owned wasn’t really ours. We had a business and we sold a lot, but even with all that we generated, we had no revenue. We could not buy a house, despite having 4 years with the business and already had a baby. Then I decided to meet with Aileen. I knew nothing about Feng Shui, but I read her column in Natural Awakenings magazine and called her.

After Feng Shui: After we consulted with Aileen, we begun making all the changes that were recommended, and so far, everything began to change. We were able to save enough to buy land and build our little home, and begin expanding for a larger property. Also, we saved money for any fortuitous situation, as we both rely on our own business. Our marriage is much better, with better communication, before we spent a lot of time arguing and discussing. We are together, happily in love and now we have 2 children and live a calmer life, happy and healthy. We are very, very happy! I am very grateful to Aileen and everything I learned from her about Feng Shui.


Predicament: I was under a lot of stress. Opportunities slipped through my hands. I did not believe in myself. I was missing something in life. I felt unprotected.

After Feng Shui: I cannot think of any area of my life that has not improved. I feel very good mentally and spiritually. I have the tools to channel my energy. Feng Shui has changed my life completely. I’ve become a successful businesswoman and I am where I never thought I’d be after just 1 year. My family circle is surrounded by a lot of peace. My kids are more focused in school and sleep way better. Now I feel that my family and I are protected.


“I was able to organize my house and improve the home environment. I started to leave home and generate sales as well as new customers. My relationship with my co-workers has improved significantly and the office space is decorated with very good energy and optimism. I was in great self-of-esteem with high and genuine motivation. “


“The changes led to work with a greater motivation and organization. The desire to go to work every day with higher enthusiasm was at its peek. Acquiring new customers was made much easier and sales were more recurring. I attracted new accounts like never before. “


Predicament: I contacted Aileen on one of the most difficult moments of my life. I moved to a small apartment with my son, after going through a terrible divorce. Our family was totally broken and sad. My son started to feel very tired, depressed and sad at age 24. His issues at work were on hold and my income was running out as a result of the division of marital properties. I had an aquarium filled with fishes and they all were dying.

After Feng Shui: I began to feel the flow of energy in the house smoothly. My relationship with my 3 children has improved greatly. My son of 24 years began to generate new contracts and ventures to achieve his new enterprise. The revenues and the finances are emerging very well for me. My new fishes didn’t die, I feel very happy and very grateful!


Predicament: I wasn’t reaching my sales quotas, sales were very slow and my job was in jeopardy.

After Feng Shui: After Aileen implemented the Feng Shui in my cubicle, I began to generate new clients, including a business opportunity with the Gucci brand in New York, and sales went up. I began to meet and exceed my quotas every month and then was honored as the seller of the year and received a bonus. A super good, super bonus!


Predicament: The bed in my bedroom was located in an area that was causing health woes, many allergies and recurring colds. I had insomnia and I could not conceive dreams, as the congestion choked me.

After Feng Shui: I changed the bed position and no longer suffer from colds, or allergies. Now I can sleep well all night long, I have no more nightmares and I don’t take any more drugs.


Predicament: We had no phone, no cable TV nor internet. Children weren’t studying for school, and we all felt extremely tired.

After Feng Shui: We were able to purchase these services for entertainment and now the children study get good grades, and we feel much tranquility and energy.


“After the consultation, my business increased by 40%. A project that was planned for 6 years, FINALLY, was materialized and became a reality after the Feng Shui. After implementing changes in my office, clients have given me very good and positive comments. The atmosphere turned into a very positive and professional one. “


“After consultation with Aileen, I implemented the changes recommended in a period of 4 days, and received an increase in new job opportunity for $ 80,000.00.”


Predicament: I had no job, no money, my health was impaired, I didn’t have wishes of any kind, I received many promises but in vain, my colleagues and my supervisors did not respect me, I was on bad terms with my relationships and I was totally depressed.

After Feng Shui: I got a job, I feel much better mentally, emotionally and physically. Now I have the desire to do many things and realize my dreams. Now I receive the respect and admiration of my co-workers, supervisors and everyone. I have money, greater opportunities have arisen and new doors have opened. I’m in a nice relationship and my depression is totally gone.


Predicament: My son is 4 years old, could not rest well because of chronic asthma. And from so many therapies and medicines he became sad and weak.

After Feng Shui: When we did the changes on his room, as Aileen had recommended, our son began sleeping better. The miracle that happened was, that his asthma disappeared. His health improved so much that the doctors asked us: “What did you do? How did the boy improve so much?” And we told him: “Feng Shui and Love.”


Predicament: I never had time to share and be together with my husband, and I did not want to work with him. I didn’t like to express my feelings or discuss these issues with my husband. My marriage was going on a downhill and I no longer felt love for him. There were so many bad things in our relationship.

After Feng Shui: Now, everything has changed and improved. We are more united, we talk about everything openly and rediscovered our love. He helps me with the household chores and we started working together again. Now we feel really good! Aileen, thank you very much for all your help!


Predicament: We wondered why we could not generate more sales in the restaurant, while having great food, location and service.

After Feng Shui: Sales increased between 25-35%, when compared with the previous year. The enthusiasm and the atmosphere have improved and the employees are giving that extra mile in service. New opportunities have opened for the restaurant and we are going to build a building aligned with the restaurant.


Predicament: When I met Aileen, I was full of fear, sickness, with many health problems and was very afraid of that Monday returning to work. When I called on a Sunday afternoon, I was very desperate and distraught; I thought there was no way out for me. After talking with Aileen my life began to change…

After Feng Shui: That evening, I stopped crying, I started receiving a lot of peace and the enthusiasm led me to organize my home. I noticed that you’ve helped me greatly, I do not know if the Buddha who is with you, or your way of being, but I have great faith and hope for my life to change and improve even further. Thank you very much for your help and to have met you. I thank the Universe that I found you at the most urgent moment of my life.


Predicament: When we began our consultation with Feng Shui we were somewhat skeptical of its functionality.

After Feng Shui: Aileen helped us and our lives have changed dramatically. After making all changes in our furniture, plants, bells and colors that she recommended, we note the changes in our lives. Our travel trips became more frequent, businesses are increasing and now I have 8 sales associates, right after I implemented everything. My marriage is much better and with fewer problems. Aileen, thanks for all your help and energy you have enlightened on us!


Predicament: I was very sick, thin, anaemic, depressed and controlled under medication. Money wasn’t enough to pay bills, debts and daily expenses. I had no strength to work or even take care of my child. My father was very upset with my performance at work and wanted to fire me. My friends stopped looking after me, they had forgotten about me. I had no partner with whom to share and I only had an old car that continuously broke down.

After Feng Shui: I haven’t returned to the doctor or the psychiatrist, I stopped taking my medications and started to gain weight. I feel very healthy and I’m happy now. My father raised my salary and gave me a new Nissan SUV already paid for. I just paid off the mortgage this week. Now I work very well beside him. My son is excited about his karate classes and his grades are now A and B’s at school. And he doesn’t get as sick as before. Now I have a beautiful relationship with the boyfriend that I didn’t have to search for.


Predicament: My son had a nervous twitch in his eyes and mouth for four months. They were desperate and horrific involuntary movements. We see the doctor very frequently. For two years, my husband did not receive any money from his work, a business in which he owned.

After Feng Shui: A week after my son Sebastian started sleeping in his new room, which is neat and organized according to Feng Shui, he stopped his involuntary movements and twitches, and they have completely disappeared. Since then we cancelled all appointments with physicians. My husband started to make money again and opportunities came by, since we painted the wall red. We feel very happy thanks to the advice of Aileen.


Predicament: Strangling emotional problems and a great loss of energy. Before January 2004, my life was becoming stagnant and there were many negative surroundings. Everything was awful. I needed to use a lot of energy to get things moving in one direction and in the end it brought me to absolute exhaustion. Going out with men was a failure. None of the men who I went out with wanted to be in a serious relationship. The money was missing. I couldn’t see positive changes in my way.

After Feng Shui: EVERYTHING has improved to 100%. My romance, success, health and family relationships have never been better in this 37 years lived. Now I look at the positive things to come in the near future.


Predicament: My husband and I suffered from a rather low-level energy. My husband was suffering from severe stress and his career was totally stagnant and has not had any promotion.

After Feng Shui: My energy levels incremented and so did my husband’s, and with it, it lessened his stress. My husband received a good promotion at work.


“We have read 4 books on Feng Shui, but after reading Natural Awakenings we found information about Aileen Soo. After consulting with Aileen, we began to implement as she had recommended. All of a sudden everything got better. We saved so much money that finally allowed us to purchase a lot to start building a larger house. Additionally, we saved money for emergencies, because we both live from the same business. Our marriage is much better and the arguments that we had have dropped dramatically. Now we are much happier. We’re in love again and now we have two children. Our life is more calm, happier and healthy. We are very happy and grateful to Aileen for all she has helped us with Feng Shui. “


Predicament: Without energy, sad and frightened.

After Feng Shui: Much enthusiasm and inspiration. I’m ready for new and positive things in my life.


Predicament: My husband and I had no time to spend together and I didn’t wanted to work with him. I did not like talking about myself or my feelings with him. My marriage was going over a cliff and I did not feel in love with him. Many negative things were happening between us.

After Feng Shui: Now everything has changed for the better. We are more united and love and we talk about our feelings. He helps with household chores and we are working together. We feel much better as a couple and as business owners. Thanks Aileen for your help!


Predicament: Our bed was positioned where only he benefited from sleeping, but for me it was horrible. Had been long without sleep, waking up with back and neck pain daily. Since we moved into the house, I have been visiting a chiropractor. Since my husband has to sleep away from home because of work, I moved the bed according to Feng Shui indicated by Aileen for my best direction.

After Feng Shui: Now I sleep all night and way better than before. In recent weeks I have had the bed in the direction suggested and actually have slept without any problems.


Predicament: We slept using medications; in addition we were having problems with the garage area.

After Feng Shui: Aileen recommended that we eliminate every item related to water from the bedroom and to change the back of the bed. By making these changes immediately we sleep better. It was an instant change. We also closed the garage and before the end of the week the area felt clear and calm.


Predicament: Just moved to the apartment. I began to feel discomfort around me, I could not bear to sleep and when I walked it felt like a resistance force that couldn’t get myself located in time and space. I just didn’t feel well at all over there.

After Feng Shui: Aileen came to visit and suggested many changes. I relocated all the furniture immediately following her suggestions and began to concentrate on reading and work and study in the places she suggested inside my space. That very night I slept very well. I could concentrate on reading. Now the apartment is very cosy. I also received a call from a mentor who gave me an opportunity to work in research.


Predicament: I decided to leave my job and start out on my own. I also decided that I had to sell my house to get money and keep some reserved for the business. I tried to sell the house for more than 1 year without any luck.

After Feng Shui: After having consulted with Aileen, on the 7th week, I got 2 different people very interested in buying the house. I managed to sell the house for the period April to May 2005 at an appropriate price. Six weeks before, nobody cared to pay the amount that I was selling my house. The consultation was the answer! I am very grateful!


Predicament: We asked for a loan and after three months of waiting they refused. My husband was having trouble with his business and it was going bad trying to raise money to develop a new business. He was facing serious problems with his business partner and found it very difficult to close his operations. Our marriage was being affected from all of these situations. There was no communication. We had problems with the family. At the time of Christmas, things started to complicate and building the new house was getting difficult every time. We ended up without money and without the approval of loans. We only had $2,000 in the bank account.

After Feng Shui: Two weeks after the consultation and implementation of Feng Shui we were approved for the loan. My husband found a lottery ticket worth $ 100.00. For our new business we have paid 40% out of the 50% that we had to invest from our account. Our marriage relationship has improved a lot and I feel like we are on a honeymoon. We are happy with the positive changes we’ve made.


Predicament: I had my consultation with Aileen at a very difficult time in my life. I lived with my son in a rented apartment after having gone through a very tedious divorce. There was much sadness in my family and my son felt tired, depressed and generally sad for his 24 years of age. Things weren’t materializing in their work, much less in my financial process for the division of assets and property caused by the divorce. I had great difficulty to finish my works of art. For months my fish were dying for no apparent reason and I am feeling desperate not knowing what is happening to them.

After Feng Shui: I began to feel the energy flowing smoothly through the home. My relationship with my 3 children is more pleasant. The work for my son 24 years have been arriving, they have offered him contracts in his profession as a graphic artist and the possibility exists that it can materialize a beginning at a major company. I work overtime to finish my art and faster, I’m feeling way more creative. Every time I make a new change in my home, I feel and experience the movement of energy around. He achieved a better balance and the financial part is stable. My fish are alive and kicking and I feel very happy. Every object and every thing has its own defined space by the law of universal order. I am extremely grateful to all the Supreme, which through Aileen’s and her services has taught me to respect and honor this order.


Predicament: I was in a very bad economic situation. I had no job and my art works were not selling. I was facing family problems as a result of financial problems. Often argued with my boyfriend. I felt that everything was still and there was no improvement whatsoever.

After Feng Shui: Unexpectedly I received by mail my Christmas bonus with money. I started getting calls from companies to be interviewed about nice positions. Customers started calling to buy art and generating substantial income. My relationship with my boyfriend changed and we are in harmony. The changes have been very good and positive. Now we feel the energy at home, with much positivity and very happy moments. We always have a good sense of humor, and have better relationship with friends. My illness ended and I no longer use any medication.


Predicament: I couldn’t sleep well. I felt insecure and concerned about my health. I was disappointed with my life and the relationship with my husband.

After Feng Shui: I started to feel enthusiasm for life. I sleep better than ever and am interested in having fun more often and give my best to improve my love relationship with my husband for the good of both. I do things that are filled with excitement and I feel very independent. Thanks Aileen! Now I hope each new day to live is exciting and interesting.


Predicament: Serious problems in the office with the energy, the ideas and the sales.

After Feng Shui: After the implementation and instant fixes, the economic situation improved and the money is coming in way faster and pilling it up. I work more productive hours. I have much more energy and enthusiasm. The creativity and ideas flow better.


After the consultation with Aileen, I moved my desk into a better position, relocated the computer and suddenly everything started to get better and work out faster and better quality. The plants were relocated elsewhere, as well as sources of water to improve the profession and economic abundance. I put two sources on each side of the computer to attract positive energy. Since then, I generated funds for the institution and won $ 100,000.00 in approvals. Aileen told me where I should sit at meetings with clients and where friends and opponents should sit at the table. Since then the meetings have developed much better and with more success.

I put a rooster on my desk to stop the gossip and stab wounds. So far things have been great. The co-workers perform their tasks in a more harmonious manner and the working environment and looks to have improved greatly. I am very happy and I thank Aileen for her suggestions and knowledge on Feng Shui. She is really a true Master. Now, I am implementing the suggestions in my house and I am eager to begin. I’m sure when the work is done, the result will be as expected. Aileen, thank you very much for your help!


“For the past six years always from January to May we never managed to realize any real project, nothing was done at the end of the day. This year, this season we already have very real projects and several other projects on their way and signed with future dates, with some slight changes and implementations of Feng Shui. “


“In 2005 all materialized, I got to graduate from college, get a good job, create a better balance in my life, integrate into society productively and things continue to improve.”


“The sound system and TV in my room, just in front of me, was generating a lot of unease energy and static to me. After moving and relocating it, the difference was notable, the energy flowed well, it didn’t impact me directly. Thanks Aileen, you really exceeded my expectations auspiciously. “


Predicament: Things were very difficult, there was much sadness in the home, I had no time dedicated for myself, everything was becoming unmanageable, I was very tired, frustrated and demoralized mentally.

After Feng Shui: Now, everything is easier. Now, I get the expected results. Now, I have time for myself and my wife. Now, everything is very positive. Now, we feel a great inner power to do things and a great happiness.


Predicament: I was starting my business and needed guidance on the location and the site’s plans. In addition we were not experiencing good things in our personal lives.

After Feng Shui: After the fixes and improvements to the house, the opportunities began to emerge. I opened my business and I managed to get more clientele. For customers they like the business climate and they feel good. Aileen, thank you and many blessings.


Predicament: Before the visit, my salon was dead. It had many elements that made the place very heavy.

After Feng Shui: After the consultation I’ve been changing everything and putting elements to change the energy. Now, everybody finds the business better and It has improved economically.


Predicament: Before the first visit of Aileen it was very difficult for me to finish a job. Moreover, the economic input I had a little tight.

After Feng Shui: Since implementing the Feng Shui consultant, Aileen Soo’s suggestion, my business grew over 500% in weekly sales. In addition, the breath of tranquility in our business is incredible. On the other hand, now I can start something and finish it quickly. Apart from that we expanded our operations and hiring more employees and everyone is happy.


Predicament: My house did not feel like home. I was spending my wages quickly and my mother and I argued a lot.

After Feng Shui: The entrance to the house feels so good. The area feels very refreshing with the water source that was placed there. Also the plants changed the energy and entrance area feels more calm. In the living room we built a small water fountain and changing the direction of furniture helped so that it may feel a cosier sitting area. In addition the problems have been resolved in this area of the house. My check lasts longer and I’m saving money. My sister has two lines of products to sell. The most dramatic change was the improvement of communication between my mother and I. We have many differences, but there is more love, understanding and patience between us.


“I was fine, but I had the curiosity to get to know what is Feng Shui. I called Aileen and she guided me. Everything was much better, I generated $ 23,000 in 4 months and I could go live to Florida. Thanks Aileen, the call was worth it!”

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