Highly skilled & experienced Master Consultant, responsible for tangible positive changes for thousands of families, homes, businesses, constructions, developments & events worldwide.

Listen about Aileen Soo on WOSO radio’s VIP of the Day:10-22-10-Aileen-Soo-on-Radio-WOSO.mp3

Awards given to Aileen Soo for her extraordinary contributions to quality of life:

1. Paoli Award Quality of Life Award – Feng Shui expert enriching quality of life to the maximum

2. Natural Choice Award – Feng Shui Consultant of the Year

3. Global Beauty Award – Feng Shui Consultant contributing to positivity, inner beauty and quality of life

4. Recognition by the Government of Puerto Rico presented by San Juan City Mayor Jorge A. Santini – Master Consultant in Feng Shui with exemplary dedication and professionalism demonstrating that it is possible to achieve your goals through perseverance and determination

5. Official Proclamation by Carolina City Mayor Jose C. Aponte Delmau

6. Recognition presented by Autonomous Municipality of Ponce City Mayor Maria Melendez Altieri

7. Proclamation from the Capitol – House of Representatives of PR Acknowledgement of life’s work, professionalism and contribution to successfully improving lives though remarkable Feng Shui orientation skills and being responsible for tangible positive improvements for thousands of families, homes, businesses, developments and events worldwide

8. Professional Woman’s Award – Most Outstanding Entrepreneur

9. Paloma de la Paz Award – Humanitarian Award for extraordinary contribution to quality of life as Feng Shui expert, given in Orlando, FL

10. Natural Choice Award – Woman of the Year

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