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Aileen Soo on Lifetime TV’s morning show The Balancing Act

Aileen Soo has successfully enriched thousands of lives through effective Feng Shui implementations. She is responsible for tangible positive changes for thousands of families, homes, businesses, constructions, developments & events worldwide.

Originally from Malaysia, Aileen Soo is a gifted expert Feng Shui Master who grew up in a society where this system of arranging living spaces is a way of life.  She is renowned and respected as a top, most authentic and effective expert in Feng Shui. Aileen is exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable in Advanced Feng Shui and practices this science in its most precise and authentic form. She has been responsible for tangible positive changes for thousands of families, homes, businesses, constructions, developments and events worldwide.

Aileen has ventured into a nontraditional way of promoting, enhancing and maximizing efficiency, productivity, and quality of life by developing methodologies to accommodate all types of spaces – from small cubicles to resorts, government agencies and large corporations.  Aileen has provided Feng Shui tips for financial institutions, law firms, universities and hospitals, commercial, office and residential buildings, warehouses, hotels, banks, retail stores, restaurants, magazines, TV & radio studios, public events and homes to great success worldwide.

Aileen Soo attends to her customer’s challenges, concerns, needs and situations, to find solutions for them by offering a unique service that caters to each client’s individual needs and styles, wherever they are and whatever their background. Her work is revered by corporations and individuals alike for its effectiveness.

A fundamental aspect of Feng Shui is that its implementation needs to be precise for it to work correctly. Her work has earned the reputation for delivering effective and tangible results through proficient judgments and conclusions, thus providing an eight star service and truly enriching people’s lives Everyday through Feng Shui.

An internationally renowned Feng Shui speaker, she has been guest speaker for organizations such as the New York Press, New Jersey Association of CPA’s, The Ritz Carlton, The Washington Post, Fortune 500 Companies, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Offices of the Government of Puerto Rico, Expo Calidad de Vida, International Peace Day, Pharmaceutical Industrial Association, College of Designers & Interior Decorators, and the College of Architects and Landscape Architects.

Aileen Soo has been interviewed by top TV and radio shows and has been featured in top newspapers and magazines. She is also columnist and collaborator for Natural Awakenings Magazine and The Georgia Asian Times. Aileen Soo is CEO of Destino TV, the premier channel geared towards positive change and quality of life.

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